Piranha Hour

You know, that last hour after dinner, but before bedtime? It's a doozy. Last night I decided to pull out all the stops to avoid any meltdowns. (my own included)

We started a rousing game, Barrel of Monkeys style:

We introduced Little Man to the froggy potty: 

The girls were a little miffed that his maiden voyage was not a complete success. And even more surprised when he showed up with a wet diaper the next morning. I believe their exact words were "but we already taught him how to use the POTTY!" Sadly, it doesn't work like that, girls. Sadly, indeed.

Then I set about hanging some pictures. I am a bit flummoxed as to proper placement. Do be honest and tell me, does this arrangement look off? Is the scale all wrong? 

Dang. It is off, isn't it. I was considering doing some gallery wraps of the most recent photoshoot with the kids, but then... I would have to DO STUFF. (sigh)

This is the inspiration:

But sheesh... that looks like a lot of WORK, AMIRIGHT?!


  1. I think your pictures are too far apart. I'd suggest either adding a fourth or just moving them closer together.

  2. My thought(s) if you like it...leave it alone...if it were me, i'd swap the 3rd large one and the row of three small ones...it would make the layout a bit more interesting and less like a sideways T leading to the windows. :) But to each their own!

  3. I agree with the first comment- closer together and ditch the three. OR do more of a collage of them, but you might have to add one or three. Always use odd numbers is what I have been told. Hope you are loving your new digs!

  4. I think the three large pictures need to be centered on the wall, especially since the table is centered in the room.

  5. NAH!!! Just take them out get pics and order canvases on walgreens- simple!!! and yep move pics closer I agree:) Ps wahoo for kinder time!! seperat classrooms? It'll be FINE! really- it's all good!!!:)