Kindergarten: IT IS HAPPENING!

Did I forget to talk about how I went and registered the twins for kindergarten? Oh my!

I had been procrastinating it for some time. Both due to the fact that I needed to assemble large amounts of paperwork, and it is so concretely a BIG GIRL THING. There is no calling them mah babies any more.

So yes, I decided not to make a fuss about it and ran off to do it before preschool started. Oh heavens! The paperwork! The QUESTIONS! I get the basic stuff like does your kid have some random peanut allergy or something? But things like "do you consent to let us use pictures of your kids for promotional purposes?" WHAT THE WHAT?! (This blog, where I plaster pictures of them seems different... I can't articulate how- it just IS!) And then there's the "can we put your kids through a dental exam? Height and weight exam?" Um... I am weirded out by that. Especially because I have been agonizing over the height and weight issue since... forever. Let's add the school district into the mix! (shoot me now!)

I fill out the mountain of clerical nonsense- the kids are jumping all over the place- and just as I am shuffling the zoo animals out the door, the secretary calls out "Would you like them to be in the same class or separated?"


I have been pouring over this same topic for months. What to do! What to do! So many differing opinions! ACK!

And here I am, not having arrived at any decision, having to make one in the lobby of the elementary school. I panicked.

Especially after having to referee heated fighting over a toy cellphone the entire time while I filled out the forms, I decided; SEPARATE THEM!


Even still, I waffle back and forth.

Will they freak out at having different classes in this big, new school?

Or is it EXACTLY what they need to thrive independently?

ARGH. I am not good at these no-clear-answers-decisions!


  1. Min seperated your dad and I all through elementary school. She said she didn't want us to have to compete with each other. I think we both turned out pretty good...I think we had a few classes together in jr. high and high school. Just my two cents .

    1. Even in Kindergarten? They just seem so little! And easily traumatized! But still, good to know- you both turned out super spectacular, and had it not been for the donkey-tossing Dad may have come out of the twin upbringing unscathed entirely!

  2. I'm watching with interest to see how it goes...

    My girls were technically in separate classes this year, although they were really in one big room with each teacher helping all of them when needed. They did sit at different tables and participate in different group activities though, which was good for them, I think.

  3. You're lucky they give you a choice! The public schools here in Memphis require twins to be split up. We'll be sending our girls to private school since my father in law works at one and can get us a good price on tuition!