Chicks in Bad Weather

During the entire month of January, the weather has been unusually pleasant. Like in the 60's and sunny kind of pleasant. Pretty much unheard of.
At this point, I decide that we need pictures of the kids. Since everyone's birthdays fall in the month of January, this seems the perfect way to chronicle their growth. I spent a good while hemming and hawing, figuring out the wardrobe (which I got much too obsessed over) and then started emailing the photographer back and forth over dates, times, and locations. (the cutest photographer ever, Lauren from lalaphotography) At last everything was in place. The date- a Saturday I had free. The time- before naps, but slightly after breakfast. The clothes- perfect knit tights, cranberry corduroy skirts, and a toggled, sky-blue sweater I had fallen in love with. The location- a local park not too far from our house.

I should have seen the red flags, a meeting that The Husband had to attend: -1 adult. Hmmm. The shoe debacle: finding two pair of brown shoes; apparently impossible. Then I was worried about the light- the harsh, very bright light of the mid-morning. I should have been keeping a closer eye on the weather...

As Friday ended, the wind came. Saturday morning, a slew of ominous dark clouds pressed along the horizon. Winds over 30 mph whipped the trees in our yard. Rain pelted the patio in cold, cold drizzles.

Well, my worry over the light was put to rest. Overcast skies make for lovely pictures! Being such good "lighting conditions," the photographer and I were desperate to make this shoot happen- I mean, I had knit tights! These photos were HAPPENING.

Two windblown girls, two red noses, four chapped cheeks.

But Mommy, it's soooo cold!

By the end of it, the children were on the verge of frostbite as we shuttled them into the warm car, making sure everyone had a lollipop for their good behavior. 

Aaaaand the next day? The clouds were gone, and it was back to weather perfection. Oh, the cruel irony. 

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  1. ahhhh leave it to good ol mother nature!! PS the outfits? AMAZINGLY cute!!! in love!!!