Fresh Starts

You should see the state of my DVR these days- we're actually running out of hours. There are 8 backed up House Hunters International episodes, and that is just the beginning. It's shameful. However, instead of watching my shows... and being on the computer for anything other than checking pressing emails, I have almost completely unpacked the entire house in a week. Yes, you read that correctly! I can even park my car in the garage now!

My brilliant unpacking strategy involved me ordering the movers to put everything that wasn't furniture into the garage. Which lead to a garage full of boxes... and other stuff. The idea was to bring in everything a box at a time, little by little, at my leisure.


I do not have the patience to do things methodically. (ie: slowly) No, I get frustrated when I can't find the kids' shower poufs or some other sundry and go all fast-forward-button on the problem.

Now you know why I am exhausted beyond repair.

Also, movers! This was our first foray into the world of movers. Previously we'd been coaxing friends and family into wasting a weekend hauling all our junk around. (You're welcome, friends and family!) Boy, I was worried about the cost, as we paid hourly. But the resulting bill was much cheaper than I had envisioned. It was all so very worth it. There was this awkward point when we realized how fast the guys were working, and in our car following the van to the new house, The Husband and I were talking about tips. We should tip them right? Yes. But how much?

The Husband thought $20 was enough. I am still skeptical. I REALLY HOPE we didn't totally offend our awesome mover guys.

In other news. I love this house! It was surprising how much the problems of the previous house weighed on me, day in and day out. This neighborhood is so QUIET. The house is just the perfect balance of space where we want it, and coziness everywhere else. (the bedrooms are all on the small side, but all we do in them is sleep anyway)

The happiness and fresh start in this home, free of the short sale nightmare, the horrible neighbors, the lack of amenities I had become accustomed to. It allows me see the beautiful things once more:

Like 5 year olds who think planting flowers in the ground will lead to a flower plant tomorrow:

And sisters who like to hold hands in the sunlight:

Life is pretty darned good lately. 


  1. Sometimes you just don't realize what a drag on your happiness a situation is until you're out of it. So glad things are better!