I want a Mommy Roommate

Some of you may remember the brief period in which my cousin and her husband came to stay with us while her husband worked in a short internship. It was too short for them to actually move down here, and they were most certainly going back up to their school afterwards- so they moved in with us.

We were happy to help them out, but I was totally unaware at how much I would get out of their stay. She was expecting their first child, and we talked all the time about parenting and babies. Miraculously, she wanted to hear my crazy ramblings! For this short time, Laura was my live-in-best-friend. She came with us to Target, we went out for lunches, she helped with anything and everything. We would swap days to make dinner, she introduced me to new recipes, (that have become staples at our house) girl makes homemade bread! (I tried my hardest not to scarf it all as it came out of the oven)

In a nutshell, it was one of the best times of my life. We got along famously- although I believe most of the credit is due to Laura inherently being the most easy-going person on the planet- I don't think there is a soul that could not love her instantly. After living together we share a special bond, and I treasure it dearly. When the time came for them to head back to school up north, I was more devastated than I could have imagined. The house was so empty and so lonely. Going about my daily routine was so quiet; companionless.

Sometimes she'll call and it will feel just like the good 'ol days and then I just miss her more.

I have found I thrive on one-on-one interaction. (I'm terribly awkward in groups- the blogger stereotype of introverted!) My friends and I are so busy, I rarely get to see my mates. Most of my mommy friends have jobs, and I am usually stuck at home or running errands- constantly attached to three rambunctious little ones. So getting away for girl time, and having quality time with The Husband is a real juggling act that I do not have clown school degree to master.

After thinking about it, I decided I would love to have sister wives, (Yes, I am hooked on that TLC show) I do draw the line at sharing a husband, though. (See! I have BOUNDARIES!) So obviously, I'm not signing up to be a polygamist. I just love the idea of having a live-in-girlfriend.

Luckily, an old friend from High School moved quite close to me. Our schedules are insanely hectic, but we do find some time here and there to hang out- mostly because we live so very close. She's the best kind of friend: I don't have to worry about how my house looks, how my kids act, how much make up I do not have on, etc. around her. Having real grown up conversation with someone in the same situations I am in keeps me sane.

So of course I started coming up with crazy ideas for us to spend time more together. The most outlandish was flat out moving in together. We're both renting at the moment, and due to my deep-rooted addiction to padmapper, (rental search site) I found a listing for a house- a PERFECT roommate house: Two master bedrooms, one up, one down. Two living rooms, one up, one down. And the absolute kicker: Two laundry rooms, one up, one down. It was so hard to not get giddy and lose myself in imagining all the fun times we would have under the same roof- downing chocolate while the kids ran circles around us. It may seem strange to the rest of the world, but I am positive I'd love it. The husbands on either side? Maybe not. And I do understand how ridiculous it seems.

I still had to talk myself out of it, and it was an exhaustive talk with myself.

Man, I miss my friends.


  1. I think it's a GENIUS idea!!! If the rent were cheaper:) bah!!!! maybe they'll negotiate!? Seriously... padmapper- rocks- and so do you!!!! :)

  2. Ugh, this makes me miss the years I lived two minutes from my best friend. We are an hour apart right now.

    I thrive on one-on-one friendships too...but I'm not sure I could live with ANYONE else, ever again!