Lies and Confessions

Deciding to bust out my extensive detective skills learned from all the hours of watching Criminal Minds, I opened up an investigation of who wrote on the furniture. This is how the transcript read:

Me: Giiiirls! Can I show you a little something?

Girls: Ooooh! What? Is there presents?

Me: (eye rolling) Well, how about you just come look at this.

Girls: (the demeanor changes once we're standing right in front of the evidence: Crossing arms and bowing heads there is silence)

Me: Can someone please told me who wrote on the table with pen?

Girls: Ummmm... I think maybe Dadda?

Me: (screaming in my head: DADDA DID NOT DO THIS!) No, it wasn't Daddy- guess again.

After a little talk about how "we only draw on paper." (DUH, kids!) Bunny decided to fess up:

Bunny: Maybe Bunny did it. She's sorry.

(love the use of third person)

Me: And we'll never draw on the furniture ever again?

Girls: Okay... But where are the presents?

Me: THWACK! (that was the sound of me hitting my head against the wall)


  1. HA! Here's a present, kid, for ruining my furniture.

  2. Ha! Oh, kids...

    I scratched my cousin's name into a dresser with a bobby pin when I was little. I was busted though...when I spelled her name wrong! : )