Save the Date!

My cute cousin Laura and her husband are staying with us while Joseph completes an internship down here. She is super-fun, and we love having her here. Anyway, down to business. She's expecting a baby boy in Feb. and she needs a shower before she leaves to boring ol' Idaho! So here's the scoop: November 15th 10am to 12pm. (at my house) It's an open house, so stop by and have some fun. There will be an ice cream bar- 'cause what says pregnancy cravings more like ice cream? (pickles will also be provided) It'll be super fun! And there will be giveaways from Uppercase Living and Close to my Heart. Guaranteed rockin' good time. Oh, and there will be invites, I just wanted some of the outta town people to have some notice. And perhaps help our ward to get to know the cuteness that is Laura too!


  1. I read this earlier and seriously started crying. I am so grateful to you for throwing this for Laura! I was able to be in a place where I could come and visit regularly and throw one for Jennifer. But circumstances aren't so easy these days! I wanted to throw Laura a shower so badly!!! But now that I know she is in good hands, I won't feel as bad!!
    You're great, Ash!

  2. I'm one in the ward that doesn't like to miss a baby shower! Who doesn't love cute, little, baby things? Count me in! Do we know what she is having?

  3. It's a boy! Thanks, Tricia! Laura's been in the ward since Aug, but she's quiet and hasn't gotten to know too many people. But it should be really fun!
    So sorry you can't make it, Sarah!