The Perils of Quilt Hunting

I am a washer. As in, all of my bedding must be washed on a regular basis. Remember the time I could hear the dust mites in my pillow? I pretty much wash everything on my bed. Pillows? Yes. If I could fit my mattress in there, I would. But that would be one huge washer. I wash all my bedding, and toss it into the dryer- as I whisper "prepare to die, little mites!" I do this for my own sanity.

So washing in the washing machine is hard on stuff, on the pillows, on the quilt, on the sheets. So I buy cheap pillows that I can replace every 3-6 mos. I don't cheap out on sheets, 600 thread count or nothing, man. But I get them at Home Goods, where they are cheap-ish. The bedspreads, I also get at Home Goods.

But now, our quilt (which I like very much) is showing its wear and the washer/dryer abuse. Time to replace! However, I have a problem:

The problem is two fold: 1) The Husband is very particular, it needs to be light, and not pink. Light; as in not a heavy comforter. He's a super hot sleeper, he'd probably be comfortable sleeping on a block of ice... and covered in snow. Actually, those ice hotels might be right up his alley! I am perma-cold at night, so I just have to come to bed in multiple layers, ending in an oversized fleecey hoodie. Basically, the only viable option is a quilt. Then we come to 2) I don't want an ugly quilt. All the non-ugly, chic and modern quilts are a billion dollars, handmade, or just a pattern to which I must learn how to quilt (so not happening) All the quilts in a general price range I am willing to spend for a quilt that will eventually degrade at a quick rate due to all the washing, well they tend to all look like this:

Brings new meaning to the phrase "cabin fever." 
There's an elderly woman out there missing her quilt.

Ack! Why is this quilt trying to poke my eyes out?!

Yeah, it's a scary world out there full of really hideous quilts. 

Of course, what I'm looking for? They are gorgeous, and litter my Pinterest boards:

This beauty: just a pattern and some fat squares... or whatever quilters call all the fabric.

Source: pbteen.com via craftyashley on Pinterest

Pottery Barn Teen always has the cutest stuff... at Pottery Barn prices. Please shoot me if I ever start using Pottery Barn quilts as my expendables. 

Then there's Urban Outfitters openly mocking me.

I need to find some on-clearance-semi-adorable-quilts... and fast. My last trip to Home Goods yielded nothing. Clearly, the internet has been none too helpful either. Perhaps I will be forced to finally learn how to sew? (Oh, that was a good laugh)


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