Sleepless in Las Vegas

The wrong thing to be thinking about at 1am:

When was the last time I washed this pillow? It may have been a while. Ok, I'll just make sure to do it tomorrow. Ew... can I sleep on this the rest of the night? Remember that Oprah on the dust mites? Are there dust mites in here? I think I can hear them creeping. No, I cannot sleep on this pillow. I should be sleeping right now.... on a clean pillow. I wonder if Target is open right now. Probably not.

(After trying to wash my pillows- Logan has a breaking-in process that is extensive, so we try and wash them to save on this crazy process- Sadly, the machine chewed them up and they got all lumpy. So replacements have been found! I cannot wait to go to sleep tonight!)


  1. I have the same problems because of that Oprah! I now get new pillows each year. It still creeps me out and I wonder if I should do it every 6 months. Have a good night's sleep tonight! I'm up for new pillows this month.

  2. Killing dust mites is easy! Just wash pillows & curtains in super hot water and add a cup of white vinegar (along with your regular detergent) to the wash load. I'm allergic so I have to know these things to keep from being sick all the time ;)

    Is there really a right thing to be thinking about at 1am? I mean, shouldn't sleep be about it at that time?