This morning, on my birthday

I was awoken at 6am by a tap on my shoulder. You should know I'm no good to nobody before 7:30. I blearily opened my eyes to The Husband standing over the bed with a big McDonald's breakfast. (my favorite, hotcakes and sausage) He had set his alarm extra early to go fetch me breakfast before getting ready for work.

Gold stars for The Husband!

I was hardly hungry after being woken up so early, but I scarfed down breakfast in bed while watching Teen Mom. It was a good morning surprise, being my birthday and all. I do enjoy a good birthday surprise. I do not enjoy The Husband informing the girls (after singing me the Happy Birthday Song) that their Mommy is now "really old."

But now I am wicked tired. (yawn)

In other news, the Harry Potter books arrived a couple days ago and I have started Book 1: The Sorcerer's Stone. I've been using every excuse to scurry upstairs and read a few pages. I'll write about all that, plus more things about the house still not being sold, a stray kitty that I am actively trying not to adopt, and other such things keeping me from sleeping soundly later. Because dudes, I am so freaking sleepy!

Also, did you know I share a birthday with Pierre de Fermat; the patron saint of unfinished business? (Coincidence? I think not) As well as Davy Crockett, I don't really know what to think about that. Either way, interesting... or not.


  1. Happy Birthday, Ashley!!

    I love McDonald's hotcakes too...they're SO fluffy. What a sweet surprise.

  2. Happy birthday, Ashley! I hope your day is fantastic!