I Wear Sweaters in Summer

The highs have been consistently hanging around 105 or so. As I was getting ready to go yesterday, I was thumbing through all my summer tops. Meh. Eh. Er. Blahhhhh. I gave my hoodies a sideways glance- there they hung impotent and unused. Things look sad when they slump down on a hanger.

I knew I would be inside most of the day, and thus I decided to stage a protest. A protest of SUMMER!

I wore the sweater. It had front pockets, which I am obsessed with. Everybody looked at me like I was crazy. Crazy lady, ten o'clock! Sure, I ended up huddled next to the big air vent. But I did not complain. Because I could fold the sleeves around my hands, my flabby arm parts weren't a-flapping, and the front zipper just knows how to gloss over my post-twins-tummy-pooch.


Yet a bit... warm.

Summer! Take a hint! I am so over you. Time to move on.

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  1. Where are you located? I'm in Oklahoma, and the temps been hanging around 105 here, too. It's ridiculous! I cannot WAIT for winter!