My First Thoughts on Potter

If you weren't aware, I'm reading the Harry Potter series for the first time. Stop by here first, if you're unfamiliar.

So I finished Book 1: The Sorcerer's Stone in about a day and a half. Picking it up, putting it back down again, reading like a patchwork in my day. I found myself always wanting to get back it it. I found the entire time the kids' napped was taken up with reading. And I won't lie, I did turn on an extra Bubble Guppies episode to sneak a bit more reading in.

First impressions- I enjoy the books. I do find myself "skimming" a bit when I feel like the story is lagging and I 'already know what's going to happen,' but mostly I am loving the details.

It gives more story just where I want more story to be. Even the little things like the prankster ghoul Peeves, reading each and every book on the required reading list for First Years. Eating it up with a fork. It's like looking at a folded map, gently opening the accordion to find more and more detail, more windy roads, more little peaks and valleys, more of the good stuff.

I'm also getting better acquainted with the secondary characters, people like the Weasley family. (the ones that aren't Ron, that is) And I love them. (The Weasleys especially) More bits of Neville and his constant frog-losing. Some of Harry's thoughts, like pining for the four poster bed with the curtains drawn. It's like getting an extra slice of cake at dessert.

I do "see" everything through a different eye. I'm seeing Daniel Radcliffe, Rupert Grint, and my above-all favorite, Emma Watson. I'm hearing Alan Rickman's voice when Snape speaks. I'm sweeping through the Hogwarts Castle that Warner Brothers computers created. Is it cumbersome? I don't feel it is.

I am finding myself wanting to break out the DVD and watch it again, just to soak up more of the world of Potter... when the children won't behave like perfect child-statues and I cannot be absentee-mom behind a book. It's actually quite exhilarating.

So there, that is what I am thinking about it. If anyone was the least bit curious.

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  1. Don't you LOVE the Weasleys? The books just keep getting better and better.