Product Review: Grass Drying Rack

I made a gruesome discovery the other day. Remember my silicone bottles? Well, I had been washing them with the plastic collar on top of the silicone part. (they come off easily- I don't know why I wasn't completely disassembling them when washing- I'm just that lazy) So one day I notice a little black mark on of them. Come to find out, I take off the collar to reveal a whole carpet of mold! MOLD! My skin is still crawling just thinking of it. I am the most germophobic person on the planet- so knowing that MOLD had been growing where my angelic little baby ate was just too much to handle. There may have been a fainting spell involved.

So I promptly did a bleach wash, a hard rub down and got rid of the mold. But there was still the underlying problem. I would need to let the bottles dry properly before sealing them and putting them away in the cupboards. A drying rack needed to be procured.

I walked down the aisles and saw a lot of these: 
They aren't exactly countertop jewelry, are they? (image credit) 

But then I stumbled upon this! 

Be still, my pounding heart! Boon Grass Drying Rack!

It is so purdy! And it holds A TON. Like my entire bottle collection plus a few random binkies. For pretty photography purposes, I thinned the herd. I cannot rave about this enough. It's such a simple pleasure. The grass will hold ANYTHING with ease! Oddly shaped stuff, stuff I put in at crazy angles! It holds it with a big smile. I may just keep it after the baby paraphernalia has gone away. I will store pens in it. I will make it my very own. 

Also- a huge plus? (not only the fact I got it on sale during Black Friday for $9.99) You can take it apart AND WASH IT IN THE DISHWASHER. You may know by now, but I am a complete fool for anything I can toss in the dishwasher. When I pop something dirty in there and press the "start" button, I get the warm fuzzies. Cleaning things thoroughly makes me giddy with joy. (and yes, I am aware how pathetic that sounds)

-- and a disclaimer-- this is a review just because I love the product. I have no affiliation with the Boon Co. brand at all. I just love my counter-grass!


  1. I bought the grass drying rack back before Jax was born...and its absolutely lovely to own...even 7 months later. So fun to look at.

  2. Ugh...looking at that picture of the first bottle drying rack made my stomach tighten a little. That's exactly what ours looked like, and it brought back memories of the thousands upon thousands of bottles we washed not so long ago.

    The grass one is adorable! I would totally keep it around after the baby too.