Checking The List (twice)

On Thanksgiving day we found ourselves sans diapers. You see, I bought boxes upon boxes of diapers, I bought myself right into a complacency of always thinking "we have TONS of diapers!" So when I went out to the garage to fetch more- I was slightly shocked to find two boxes of pink Pull Ups and an empty diaper box. We scraped together the strays we had in random diaper bags, but that left me going to buy diapers at Target on Black Friday. I may or may not have found a ton of other superfluous... on sale... stuff. (may) And since I am planning Christmas AND birthday presents for three children this year, I need a list. Good thing there's the handy dandy 'ol internet! I'm more of a cyber-monday kind of girl. I want a good deal, but I'm not willing to shank the person next to me to get it. So here are a collection of things I will keep an eye out for this shopping season:

I blame clever marketing and commercials for this one. The girls want them soooo bad. And they are kinda cute- and they are made of like, a resin-type-stuff? Perfect for the girls who are prone to needing their dolls cleaned with Clorox wipes.

All the girls want is a bike. It would make their every dream come true. So sure, whatever. I'll buy 'em a bike. I refuse to buy a branded up Disney crap princess bike, though. Is it really that much to ask for a plain pink with some streamers and a bell?! It is, my friends. The search continues...

And then! Dollhouse
This one is really something I want to play with. (that, and every girl needs a dollhouse, right?! It's childhood 101) Just look at those clean lines! Feast on the modern furniture! The Husband would die if he saw the price. I'm still trying to justify that myself. 

Unfortunately, the baby is totally getting gypped this year. We have SO MANY toys from the girls. I just can't stuff any more baby toys into this house! So we're wrapping up some of the toys we've kept in the closet for him to "open." C'mon- he's not even one! He just wants to rip some paper. I did pick this up for him to unwrap at his birthday party, though. So I'm not a total loser-mommy. 

I picked up this sweet baby last week. (hurry and snag one for yourself! They're discontinuing them!) SUPER BOWL! MERRY CHRISTMAS TO ME! 

Yay, shopping!

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  1. When we got Samarrah a bike I did not want to get her a disney one so we went to Toys R Us and got her a really pretty purple one, they have a good selection.