Throughout this past week I kept envisioning snippets of an I am thankful on thanksgiving post. They would whirr around in my head, but with all the baking, entertaining, and generally going going going, I neglected to articulate these little bits of sunshine. And so! A few days late! After the turkey and yams are boxed up in the tupperware, I am thankful!

I am thankful for this gloriously quiet house. Because frankly, after the hour of multiple children screaming from their beds, I think I deserve it. That, and a husband out on the town with this friend- inhaling a 3lb. burger. (I hope he comes back alive) The silence. The alone time. I am one lucky girl.

I am thankful for the sliced banana with chocolate syrup drizzled on top. I deserve that too.

I am thankful for healthy children. So many people have asked how the medical drama is coming along. I am happy to report, it is going well. The major and scary tests came back normal. Three of the five specialists we will (hopefully) never have to see again. (not that they aren't wonderful doctors- but I'm sure you can understand) I am thankful that I don't have to stare Turner's Syndrome or Nephrogenic Diabetes Insipidus in the eye. Bunny just wears glasses and has drops. I can take that.

--additional and completely inappropriate rant-- The "drops" prescribed? The very word "drop" implies a watery, liquidy substance, am I right? What I am tasked with getting into my child's eye is the consistency of ointment. Like Neosporin. It doesn't "drop" out, it comes in one continuous snakelike pour. I hate the drops. Bunny hates the drops. I hope we can stop the drops by next appointment. --ok, I can be thankful again-- now that I have that off my chest.

I am thankful that the only real appointment left is next month. If Squirt has grown, we are off the hook. No more worry. If not- then that means more tests. But I am thankful to be down to one doctor for her.

I am thankful for eternal families. My family is everything. Those before and those to come. I am thankful we are all connected. By stories, by recipes, by memories, by love. By so much more than all of it combined. I marvel in it.

I am thankful for friends. Both of the "real" and "internet" variety. (not the creepy kind- just the other nice fellow bloggers- most of whom are way more cool than I could ever hope to be) I suppose I am thankful for people. Those who fill my life and make it fun and less mind-numbing.

I am thankful for silly children who dance in my living room, who give me hugs to stave off the inevitability of bedtime. I am thankful for their smiles; which make just about anything and every situation automatically better.

I am thankful for music. The kind that make me weep. The kind that still my crazy soul and mind. And the kind that let me kick it loose in my kitchen when no one is watching. (I have some pretty amazing moves, people. Too bad my only audience is a fridge and dishwasher)

I am thankful for my DVR, diligently storing away all my shows. The good shows, the pretty crappy ones, too. She's always there when I need her. You are quite the workhorse, Dixie. (I named her Dixie) Without you I would have to choose between The Office and Grey's Anatomy. That is like Sophie's Choice. I'm glad I don't have to choose.

I am thankful for cold weather and all the wonderful bonus accessories that come with it. For socks. For hoodies. For snuggling into a cavernous bed complete with oversized down blanket. It's euphoria.

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