Ten Cents

As some of you may be aware, if you shop at Smith's, you can get 10 cents off per gallon of gas for using the rewards card. I about peed my pants with glee when I heard this. As you can imagine, our weekly grocery bill is... large... epic even. So when I get coupons from all the points I rack up, it makes me terribly happy. But discounted gas? Dying with excitement.

I even waited until the "need more gas" light popped up before even looking for a Shell station. (I am totally never comfortable with this. Getting below 1/4 tank makes me nervous) So when the light popped on, I was inexperienced with these things and let it ride out. I saw an episode of Top Gear where they sealed their tanks and drove a crazy long distance- and that light turned out to take them pretty far. So I wasn't concerned. (You should always use TV knowledge in these situations. Always)

I passed up a few other stations to get to the needed Shell station where I could redeem my "fuel points." In doing so, I made a big mistake. I clicked the button on the car that tells me how many miles I had until I ran out of gas. I never use this function, (because I never let it get that low) so I wasn't too worried... Until the car told me I had THREE MILES left until I was out of gas. Presumably on the side of the road, calling The Husband, who couldn't even come get me because a) the kids were all sleeping and b) his car is a sportscar and doesn't fit one single carseat. (Which is stupid and we need to remedy)

So I called and pestered The Husband. I frantically asked him if the station I was aiming for was more than 3 miles away from my current location. He laughed and told me he didn't think so. (It was totally plausible, though)

In the end, I made it- I may not have had fingernails upon arrival, but at least I was there. I filled up the tank. And then I got to doing some math. (woah! watch out now!) If I get around 14 gallons of gas, my savings is $1.40. Really? That's it?! That is sooo not even close to worth it! Why does ten cents off sound like so much?! I guess it would be if I were driving a big rig- which I should think about- can you say cargo potential?! No need to decide on which stroller would be more beneficial- just bring them all! (wow, talk about a topic detour!)

I've decided something: From now on, I am pulling over wherever I am, and getting me some gas. Regardless of the price! (It's nice to say that sometimes)

... and please, if I am wrong with my math (which is 100% possible) please tell me. Because if I am saving like $14, I would greatly appreciate being told that.


  1. Your math is right. And I agree, I'm always bothered by how SMALL a savings that is.

  2. I know it sounds like a LOT but eh it doens't really add up to THAT much of a savings! I'm frugal but sometimes it's worth it to just do whatever whenever (like get gas) ect...

  3. Yeah, I like living on the edge and seeing how far I can go with my red light on, much to my hubby's dismay. But I can honestly say I have never kept up on gas prices because a) I have to have it and b) at least I am not spending it on clothes. Good points though.