Halloweeny Fun

I took a ridiculous amount of pictures during this year's various Halloween festivities. (which surprisingly, aren't even over yet!) Seriously, it's an undertaking just to sort through them. (It's a lot of work when you prefer your little recycling bin icon to be clean at all times)

Why haven't I got my hot little picture taking hands on a real camera, yet? My little handheld is simply pathetic. So many blurry, crazy, icky pictures! At what point will I break down and sell a kidney to buy a nice camera? 

So anyway, the traditional hacking of the Halloween pumpkins carries on. Complete with a chili and cornbread dinner. (my favorite part!) I simply adore family traditions like this. 

This is a pretty accurate depiction of the mood around our house at any given time. Always one happy twin and one grumpy twin. The silver lining is that I usually have a cheerful child. The downside? I always have a snarly one too. 


My Dad will make sure anything and everything involves the use of power tools.
It's part of what makes him adorable.

My brilliant idea of the night was to let the kids color on the front of their pumpkins vs. really carving them... like with knives and such. I thought crayons over sharp knives was a sound parenting call.

I was later ridiculed for this abomination of the family pumpkin carving night. 
The problem was rectified by Papa, who took design orders from each of the girls and wielded the sharp objects to make it happen:

And, as the tradition continues, there were cash prizes.

Mommy and Daddy had to confiscate the dough after one of them declared they were "done playing with this paper" and needed to "go throw it away." 
(Don't throw away your college money, girls. That's just a good rule to live by. And carve a lot of pumpkins to ensure you can pay for that Harvard education!)


Last night the phone rang and The Husband found himself on the receiving end of a rant entitled "Is it REALLY TOO MUCH TO ASK for ONE DECENT costumed picture of the kids?!"
By me. In B minor.

Someday, kids. You're going to wish you had done a little more smiling, looking at the camera, and maybe some sucking in the gut. (ahem, Little Man) I'm just warning you, your scrapbooks are looking a bit... like a stalker has been taking pictures of you from behind a bush.

Turns out it was kind of a let-down for a three year old to don a butterfly costume and still not be able to fly.

With all the crawling and wiggling, being a "caterpillar" suited Little Man quite aptly. 
(and yes, mommy got a little lazy on the infant costume. Green onesie, pants, and hat... I hang my head in shame. I also paid for it big time when temperatures dropped to what-felt-like-freezing, and we had to duck out of a party early due to Little Man's short sleeves and tendency to dislike frostbite. 


  1. awww he's a wiggly caterpillar I get it!!! It's ok last year Hailyn wore yellow we spiked her hair and called her woodstock from Peanuts! this year it was going to be red and a $1 devil horns from target (until I ran over them with the car) then auntie rectified the situation saying she has the temeprament and ahd hair to pull of tinkerbell- so viola! no stress here- btw the stalker behind a bush comment- paparazzi- freaking laughing big time! love it!

  2. Cute little butterflies and caterpillar! I totally missed him in that first picture until your comment about the gut (which is adorable, by the way...too bad it doesn't work on us grown-ups!). i guess he blended into the grass!

  3. what a cute idea with the costumes!! So cute :) and where did you find that green beanie!? hehe..

  4. Little Man's entire costume was from the "Little Seed" line at Target. It's super soft, organic, and unfortunately, lightweight. I wish they made it in grown up clothes. It was also on crazy mad clearance. The whole outfit was probably five bucks.