For Your Consideration

I thought you could use a real example of what I'm dealing with on a daily basis.

During the girls' nap, I wrangled the baby whilst also cleaning the downstairs powder room. 
(mind you I have a random stomach bug of some sort too... but there are times when cleaning a potty room jumps up on the priority list)

... and no more than 2 hours later, the sink looked like this: 

Weep with me.

(oh, and I should mention this is the result of three year olds eating lasagna with their hands)
Man, outhouses never had so much appeal until today. Let nature handle the clean up! I am entertaining the thought of putting up a "Management Only" sign on all the bathrooms and directing the smaller residents to use the newly constructed outhouse I just dug in the backyard! 

Also, whilst taking pictures of the sink, a resistance was forming:

(keeling over and off the stool laughing) 

There is a time in every little girl's life when she needs to stand up on a soapbox for something. And that something is Mom and Grandma taking WAY too many pictures.

Viva la revolucion! 


  1. hahaha!!! LOVE the revolt!!! haha! and I SO FEEL YOUR PAIN ON THE SINK! I feel like I clean all day and it's like nine tornadoes after me making more of a mess until I am buried in it! I'm at a loss...like seriously...

  2. looks oh soooooooo familiar. an out house is a great idea. why didn't i think of that????