Was it fate that broke the jogging stroller? Perhaps. But the thought of buying either replacement parts or an entirely new double jogger altogether got me thinking about strollers again. My ability to push two while having one strapped to me is becoming a joke. Little Man is merely 6 lbs. shy of each twin's weight. (astounding! And disturbing!) I'm pretty sure putting the chunky monkey in a front pack for any length of time would destroy my back and leave me looking like The Hunchback of Notre Dame: Mommy Edition. So I started thinking about triple jogging strollers.

You guys, I am addicted to purchasing strollers. It is indeed a sickness. I had been secretly lurking around craigslist with searches like "triple stroller" and "triple jogging stroller" for months now. But I found one that was promising (and not a thousand dollars- no really- look at this) so I brought it up to The Husband. And he gave me The Look. The one that practically screams "are you serious?!" I was. In fact, I just returned from purchasing it. Technically it's just a frame, and I will have to buy a couple more seats to make it fit three- but it was pretty cheap. I was hoping I would get there and I could talk myself out of buying it. I couldn't. It seemed like a good idea! It was kind of... happening! 

Shall we do a stroller count? (counting... counting... oh, dear) I have SIX stroller systems sitting in my garage. That's ridiculous! There's two triples, two doubles, (although one is broken) and two singles. I think I may need to get rid of some of these strollers! (and now I just found this deal! It's out of stock, but they will now be emailing me when it becomes available) 

The logistics of getting these kids around is kind of scary! I feel like I need one of these:
photo courtesy of  the US Navy

You know, just in case.

All I want to do is go jogging with the kids. Is that so much to ask? I used to love our morning strolls around the neighborhood when the weather is crisp and cool. It was somehow calming for the kids too. I miss doing it! (my waistline also misses this- curse you, candy corn!) I know there's probably not a huge market for triple strollers, but hot dog! They are so super expensive! And unwieldy! Can't a girl get a break around here with the strollers?! 

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  1. Maybe not an aircraft carrier.. I'll ask and see if they can lend you a guided missile cruiser though.. =)