Migraine Weekend

This was not a great weekend. As the title may have implied. The migraine situation had been so good the past few months that I almost forgot how bad it used to be. I remember now, brain! No need to keep reminding me. This weekend's issues was probably a cyclone of special circumstances- I am really hoping anyway. I'll be extra bummed if the medicine somehow stopped being the miracle pot of gold at the end of a rainbow. (well, minus all the stabbing stomach pain which I've just come to live with) In fact I had to take a break halfway through this post because another one started creeping in. I'm so tired of being in pain and foggy. I tried to read over what I wrote (I remember not a lot of it) and hope it makes any sense whatsoever.

Back to the issue at hand! I was totally useless this weekend, a pile of misery, and it was up to The Husband to keep things running over here. On Sunday he took the kids out and sternly told me to use the time to TAKE A NAP. (I am not good a following instructions... and have problems with daytime napping) However on this day, I was in so much pain, and the house seemed to be rocking like a boat on choppy seas, so I decided to take him up on the prescription; A NAP. (That is after I watched the Tori Spelling special- I'd been waiting for a minute to catch up on that forever!) Anywhoodle, I decided to get serious on naps. I thought about locking the pups in their pen, so they wouldn't roam and pee on the kid's toys, but they often get really yappy in that pen at any stray noise. I made the only reasonable choice and took them up to the bed with me, where they would assumably cuddle up and nap as well. (that's their whole dog-day- nap, napping, then more napping) Those of you on Twitter are undoubtedly shaking your heads in knowing silence.

While I was drifting off, one of the dogs apparently wandered over to Husband's side of the bed and promptly PEED ALL OVER HUSBAND'S PILLOW. (as well as parts of our bed) The smell alerted me, and it was all woe and problems. The Husband has never been a fan of dogs on beds, so I was in the dog house. Also- we invested in some decent-ish memory foam/gel pillows. And guess what? You cannot wash memory foam. You can "spot clean" and use baking soda, and stuff that does not help at all with a pee-soaked pillow. Pro tip: when the tag says not washable, believe the tag, no matter how stupid and impractical it seems. (It's a pillow! What if he'd become sick in the night and thrown up all over it... Sorry, that was graphic, but I have imagine it happens!) Do not, whatever you do, ignore the manufacturer and dump the pillow into a tub filled with water & Tide.

I now know from personal experience that previously slightly unwieldily pillow, (It's never been my favorite, just The Husband's) will turn into a stupidly heavy 40 lb disaster that will dry exactly NEVER. I left it out in the afternoon sun, I smushed it down with all the towels we own, I was wishing we had a warehouse of ShamWows- that'd be the real test. It was all for naught. Granted, I understand the pillow was destroyed the minute (I'm guessing) Scotty lifted his leg. I know that. I just MADE SURE there was no reviving it. And no, there was not.

I felt pretty bad about it. And while it took me a couple days to make it to the store, I DID procure a replacement. I also felt that it was not ENTIRELY my fault. Husband had different feelings and took my pillow as collateral to ensure I would get out and buy a new one pronto, which I can't say was completely fair. HOWEVER. I learned something. I'm not in love with memory foam. I am totally against it as an entire mattress, (much to Husband's utter devastation) but I decided to give it a whirl a while ago when I found a Sharper Image memory foam pillow that was of decent loft at HomeGoods for Not a Zillion Dollars. It was okay, and eventually I just accepted it as My Pillow. Well, since Husband absconded with nice pillow, I was left to dig around into the deep recesses of the linen closet to sleep on whatever errant pillow we had left. What I found wasn't the best pillow, it probably cost five dollars at the time of purchase... five years ago or more, and had definitely been through the washer/dryer a few too many times. The first night I slept terribly. But I did notice something- my neck did not hurt, like it had every morning since I could remember. Last night I flat out went unconscious at bedtime. Whether it be from the fatigue of so many migraines, a run of bad sleep, or the Benadryl I took before bed, I was OUT. And it was glorious. It could also be the pillow, I theorized in the aisle of the store looking for a replacement to Husband's peed-on-pillow. I just don't think heavy, stiff board-like pillows are for me! They are for Husband! We are two different people, and that's perfectly fine!

This is all a very round about way to tell a silly story about dogs doing nasty things to pillows, outline my disdain for memory foam, and justify the purchase of a couple new pillows for ME to try out.


  1. When we had dogs, I did not let them on any of the furniture including beds. Our bed was too tall for them to get on without help, but I did catch them curled up on the couch when I came into the living room unexpectedly.

    My mom is bringing her chihuahuas with her when she stays with the boys next week while C and I are on vacation and I'm concerned. Very concerned.

    Also, I'm terrible at daytime sleeping, but when I really need it I find if I tell myself that I need to lie still with my eyes closed for 20 minutes, and if I can't sleep I can turn on the tv - I always fall asleep for two hours. If only you could get that logic to work with kids too.

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