Hang it all

This morning I informed The Husband upon my waking that we are moving. Right this instant. Grab the kids, and only essential belongings. Because I've absolutely had enough, AND I'M DONE. I then uttered every curse word I'd ever heard before resigning to my fate and going to start the day- normally.

You see things have been rather glum. I've been having a rather impressive and disturbing migraine strain that is driving me to the very edge of my sanity. Every day for over two weeks I've had a migraine or, at the very least a headache. That can really take a toll on a person, BELIEVE  ME. This morning was no different, another migraine. The Husband was snoring last night at 2am, then Little Man was plagued with nightmares at 4am. It was a good 7am before I fell asleep. The alarm went off at 7:15. 

As I got Little Man out of Pull ups and into daytime underwear I started fantasizing about joining a cruise ship. Perhaps I could put that one disastrous belly dancing class to good use. Perhaps a cruise for the elderly? Or blind? I am clinging to the idea of just SAILING AWAY at this point. Knowing full well that the migraine problem would come right along with me. Flights of fancy don't bother much with facts and reality. 

We've been stuck in a holding pattern with Husband's neck problem for quite some time. You know, the pain from October? We're still dealing with that. Now the surgeon is trying to get approval from our insurance, and boy has that become the snafu of the century. Doctor claims they try and reach out and no one from the insurance will call them back. So then I pester the insurance and THEY claim they're just waiting for the doctor to call THEM. I feel very not-in-control of the situation which gets me looking for the nearest, steepest cliff to jump from. 

In summation, it is just all bad. 

And the wind! I have not even addressed the asinine wind that blows across this horrible desert day in and day out, for as long as I can remember! WEEKS! It's been relentless, at this point I'm talking it personally. And I'm blaming the wind on this particularly foul mood. (And perhaps even a portion of the headaches) It was supposed to stop today. In fact I was PROMISED a cool down. Highs in the low 70's. And now that it's here, everyone has changed their tune; 80's, windy. SHOOOOOT MEEEE. 

In the only positive news I can bring you, I ordered new bedding for myself which arrived yesterday, it's still in the box and I'm waiting for a truly terrible day (today is looking like it could be the one!) to open it and enjoy the festivities of a little splurging. I also started playing Red Herring, at A'Dell's recommendation, and it is delightful. I may have said something to Husband about how I thought my vocabulary was more expansive than his and BAM, a challenge was born; I am winning. So that's great. But still, down with most things- grumble grumble.

Update: tra la la la la retail therapy la la silly frivolousness la la la WHALE SHEETS! 


  1. UGHHH sorry about hubby's neck issues- LAME!! LOVE the sheets! we need to hang soon!

  2. UGHHH sorry about hubby's neck issues- LAME!! LOVE the sheets! we need to hang soon!