No Need To Worry

Having the day mostly over, (HA no, piranha hour approaches) I can breathe a sigh of relief that at least the blood draw is over and it went fine-ish. 

Poor kid has my veins, in that they're impossible to tap, so that sucks. But IT ENDED EVENTUALLY. 

Waiting for the elevator after the whole thing he said to me "checking the blood hurts. Don't bring me back to that doctor. I liked his gloves though." 

There is a meme waiting to happen with that face. Stay tuned to Twitter for that! 

I promised milkshakes afterwards, due to a brilliant idea from April, as TWO milkshakes were ordered. (Ahem. And YUM) 

He can be bribed to whip out a dimpled smile. It comes at a price, I also mentioned he could go watch the inflatable arm flailing tube man next door for a while while sipping milkshakes. 

Now we wait for the results. If it all comes back normal I am going to be Full Hulk Pissed. 

So anyway, I wrote this post mostly to calm any readers who worry about my sanity. I've been noticing all the things I write about are really anxiety riddled and angsty. I swear, I'm in a semi-good place! Things are stressful, but I'm actually pretty happy on the days when we don't have bloodwork appointments looming. That's most likely the reason for lulls in writing here, when things are good it's kinda boring to write about. (There's also stuff I can't write about here as well as the girls getting older and I'm trying to strike a balance on what I share here, it's... I dunno. Still figuring that out) anyway, when I'm all in a fiery rage, well that's more entertaining. At least to me. 

Anyway. Things are mostly fine here! Absolutely downright boring most days! I am crazy excited and happy with my new pencil sharpener for crying out loud- it's just pathetic. 

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  1. He is seriously the cutest. I'm glad it all ended and I will be thinking of you guys!