Avoidance Tactics

- I am legit listening to Katy Perry's Roar right now.  Not ironically. I need it right now. I'm throwing my arms in the air.  Did you know that releases endorphins or some other nonsense? I heard it somewhere SO LET'S TEST THAT THEORY. I need some endorphins right about now.

- Squirt has been complaining of an earache here and there. The Husband wanted to try out the only hippie nonsense that he ascribes to; dousing ear infections with hydrogen peroxide. He did that over the weekend. But here we are at Tuesday and she came home with her hands held up to her ear. I drove directly to the urgent care after school because I'VE HAD ENOUGH OF THIS. She hasn't had even a sniffle so I don't know how this could be an ear infection. But anyway. I parked in the urgent care only to look over to where my purse usually is, only to find an empty space. I'd left my purse at home accidentally. BALLS. So we're back home. Squirt decided she didn't want to see the doctor, and let me do another round of hydrogen peroxide. I am NONE HAPPY.

- And I have to deal with dinner. But I'm in such a funk that I absolutely refuse to do anything in the kitchen but sit here with the laptop and vomit words onto the internet.

- Tomorrow I have to take Little Man to get his blood drawn. For an allergy panel. (that honestly had better come back LIT UP because HOLY SKIN REACTIONS, BATMAN) I am really not looking forward to it. I am actually willing time to go slower with the power of my mind. He just got his immunizations, or as we USED to call them "little pokes." He was so surprised by how much they hurt that he berated me all day for down playing the little pokes so much. So I don't know how to break the news of a blood draw to him. I don't forsee it going well. I'm going to need lots and lots of leverage. A bucketful of lollipops? SHOOT ME NOW.

- Did I even tell you guys about the reaction he had from the last round of little pokes? His whole leg swelled up. He still has some of the bruise that was once as big as my entire hand. Yesterday he broke out in hives around the injection site. FROM LAST MONTH. So that's encouraging. And also why I am so invested in this allergy panel.

- How am I going to get through tomorrow? How am I not making time stand still with MY MIGHTY POWERS OF AVOIDANCE?!

- It's officially 4:30 and if I do not start on dinner now it will be late, and because we made the totally useless detour AROUND the urgent care, we have not started homework, we're so far behind the schedule it's actually frightening. Roar is not helping. I am NOT THE CHAMPION, KATY. I do not feel like the champion at all. I feel more like stomping and cursing.

- Being a grown up is the poopiest.

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  1. I bribe with milkshakes, because that way I can get one for each of us. Good luck tomorrow!