Pictures! You Want Em, I Got Em!

Let's distract everyone with some adorable smiling children, yes? Of course yes.

Have you met Sergeant Sourpuss? Of course you have. His name is Little Man, and he is an old soul, he doesn't walk around just handing out smiles to any yahoo along the way. So you can understand how reticent I was at the prospect of a professional photo shoot. Hours were spent on the wardrobe alone.

I had no need to worry because we have the best photographer. She knows all the good fart jokes and knows her audience. OBVIOUSLY, as THIS HAPPENED:

Come ON NOW with the smiles.

You want more, don't you. I don't really care, there is more. You shall have more.


  1. OH MY GAAAAHHHHHHDDDD your kids just broke my brain. This is fantastic.

  2. This is too much cuteness! Can't believe how "growing up" your kids look. They're adorable to infinity.

  3. Aaaahhhh that one standing photo of squirt! I DIE. Ashley...these are aaaamazing.