Conversation Had In Car

Me: I had some super interesting thoughts about the (right now purely theoretical) house hunt)

Husband: Uh huh. (he's already bored and probably half checked-out at this point. Houses being his number one least exciting topic of conversation)

Me: Well you know, Bunny's physical therapist's office is up on a higher floor of a building by the mountains. It has gorgeous sweeping views of the city, and the sunsets. And the clouds! And the mountains! It's amazing, I could just look out those windows all day!

Husband: Uh huh. (he has zero idea where this is headed)

Me: Imagine if that were the view from the kitchen counter! Or from the sofa! Imagine floor to ceiling windows of that view! Wouldn't that just be SPECTACULAR!

Husband: Wait. What?

Me: A condo! Let's get a four bedroom CONDO! It's perfect! All one story, like we want anyway. And the best part: NO PESKY YARD MAINTENANCE.

Husband: You want to buy a condo now? With stairs?

Me: No. OUR condo would have an elevator. Because we'd be on like, the 26th floor. A HIGH RISE. You know- FOR THE VIEWS. Not just some dumpy apartment/condo conversion next to a trailer park.

Husband: A four bedroom luxury high rise. Don't those go for millions of dollars? And are only, like on the strip?

Me: Well. I don't know what the condo market is like right this instant. Plus, there is that high rise place down by the Target. That blonde chick, that Playboy bunny that had her own show, oh what's her name, she lived in (relative vicinity/area to us) too. Her guy friend from that Peepshow lived in that complex. I think it looked nice on the tv show. And it IS right by the Target...

Husband: ...

Me: I'm just saying. A CONDO; Think about it.

Husband: But you hate everything about condos! Remember when we lived in those apartments....


Husband: And how will you get your groceries from the car to the kitchen?

Me: Oh... well...

(long silence)

Me: I've got it! Let's buy a cabin at Mt. Charleston! Those a-frame jobs with the huge two story windows. maybe 40 acres of land, but who cares, we'll just let it grow and be all forest-y, the more forest the better! Then we'll have views! And attached garages! Sure, perhaps a stray forest fire here and there. But we'll manage. We'll buy lots of hoses.

Husband: I don't think you understand the concept of a budget. Or forest fires. Lots of concepts, in fact.

Me: I'm just saying we should put "view" on the priorities list.

Husband: You mentioned starting a new brain medication, right? What exactly, are the side effects, now?

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  1. This is so my brain. Our husbands must think we're crazy, but it makes sense, yeah? I mean, why can't we have completely contradictory things? ;)