Top Ten Things I Don't Want To Hear

(I'm not doing it backward. Because this isn't late night tv, and it's just better this way, trust me)

Top Ten Things I Don't Want To Hear (Ever):

1. No

2. The children are awake

3. You should be drinking water

4. It is any other day than Saturday

5. We are out of Diet Coke

6. Warm weather has "arrived!"

7. A handful of licorice bites is not a good breakfast choice

8. "Mommy! I stepped in pee!"

9. It is not bedtime yet.

10. I have to do this all again tomorrow

1 comment:

  1. I love this! For me: 5. We are out of water and/or juice. 6. Cold weather has arrived. 7. White bread and grains aren't good for you.
    Just my personal tweaks. lol I LOVE summer and HATE yucky/cold winters. :(