The Problem With Nonspecifics

Something went terribly awry with my preschool hopes and dreams. I got a call this afternoon- apparently Little Man was chosen! Out of a lottery! (later on I start to become suspicious of just how many entries were submitted)

The heavily accented man on the phone calls my son "Kevin." (Not his name) And requests he come for a "trial" day. This sounds like no big deal, and frankly a good idea. HOWEVER! ALL CAPS! The trial day is TOMORROW. Less then 24 hrs notice. And we just started the potty training 6 days ago.

Ummm... What?!

I ask about the potty training situation. He'll be all ready next fall, but now? (And I may be generous in this next phrase) He's a little "iffy." (Wet undies at least 4x a day)

The man shrugs this off with "well, he was picked. So we'll see how it goes." Then hangs up. Leaving me stunned. What do I do about the undies? Try pull ups? Send him with multiple changes of clothes? And then! This is full day! Do I send him with a lunch?

I short circuit a bit. I get the panicky shakes and suddenly the world is off its axis and I am in crisis mode. I frantically question the ladies at the front office before picking up the girls from kindergarten. They don't seem very knowledgable, and suggest that the very vague sign up flier that did not mention dates, like AT ALL, meant registering him for the spring trimester. Aka: NOW.

I feel so dumbfounded as the office lady assures me the kid who is happily playing with a Magna Doodle on the chair behind me is "clearly ready."

Also. There is no feasible way to do a trial day tomorrow. The teacher who called is
apparently new to the "procedures" The kid has to be officially registered, I have to scrounge up his birth certificate. I cannot just drop him off without the proper paperwork being done.

There is seemingly zero information on this specific program. I asked about the lunch situation, and one lady pointed to the cafeteria and suggest he do a hot lunch. UM, HE IS THREE. It is fishy up in here.

After long fits of anguish and total anxiety disorder meltdown I decide to bag the whole thing. We have two full school years before kindergarten. I have TIME. And clearly, this option is not happening.

It was a relief. Because my mom sirens were a blaring on this one. Preschool is a battle for another year.

As incompetent as I feel, I know I did the right thing, even if it was the "easy" thing.

Side note: potty training is going surprisingly well. Which means the worst part is still to come.


  1. I don't blame you...sounds a little unorganized. Or maybe like they are specifically geared toward the older children. Maybe the next year? Will you put him in part-time somewhere?

    Fingers crossed potty training continues to go well!!

  2. WOW!! Tomorrow?!! CRAZINESS! would they let youdo it in the fall?

  3. I would have done the same thing! Way to listen to the mommy sirens. Here in OK, pre-k starts at 4 and is MANDATORY. However, there is half day and full day that you can choose from. I chose half day and am getting the annoying comments from moms all the time. It's annoying. It's your kid, you did what you thought was best, and he'll be fine. We only have 4 MAYBE 5 years alone with our kids before the public school system molds them more than we'd probably like. I say the more family, at home time, the better. You rock at motherhood, girl!