Taking Chances

Let's talk about preschool! My day just got infinitely better when I read a note that came home from the girl's school informing me about a lottery system for preschool classes at the school. It gets better! It would be ALL DAY, Monday through Friday!

And while obviously there is a large chance Little Man won't get a spot, (it's just randomly chosen names) there is still *a* chance that I could have all three in school all day as soon as next year.

So that thought made my... millennia.

Other than that I have few leads on preschools for Little Man. The twin's old preschool is kind of out due to the distance and the fact that it has been shortened to 1 hr, 2 days a week. HAHAHA, no. Another option is a neighbor who we are getting to know. She lives just a block away, (bonus) but it is also 2 days a week, and I didn't ask her how much she charges. So it *could* be pricey. Don't even get me started with super-expensive Montessori school just down the road. I have heart palpitations just looking at tuition rates for that place.

So yeah, kinda hinging my every hope on free, all day preschool next year. The only hitch (besides not "winning the lottery") is that he must be potty trained.


I know.

This should not be news. I have been meaning to get started on that. But then I realize what a special hellscape training the girls was, and... I just don't.

But if it means boy can go to school the same times as the twins? Well I will go through potty training madness for THAT.

Stay tuned.

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  1. The montessori school is incredible- and incredibly pricey! it does a heart good to know the teachers get paid like $12 an hour... lol- siiiigh!! crossing fingers for you- I see freedom in your future!! :) LIGHT AT THE END OF THE TUNNEL!