Kids Books I Can Get Behind

To refresh your memory, we've been doing library bundles every week or so. These are just random picture books sorted into various subjects. I find picking "the right" books for the kids to be overwhelming and I have no idea what to look for, so I snatch up the book bundles every time and hope for the best. We've surfed a very broad spectrum of kids' books. Some are obviously for very beginning readers, (which are my Kindergarteners!) but "see jane run" is totally boring for me to read more than once. Some titles I've found to be totally bizarre stories and/or poorly thought out- clearly JUST ANYBODY can write a children's book and it will end up in the library system. So here are a few of our top picks from these past couple weeks in case you, like me, always love a good recommendation. Especially if you are required to have ten minutes of reading each day with your Kindergarteners.

New Socks by Bob Shea
I wouldn't call this a literary marvel per se, but the kids absolutely adore it. The graphics are super fun. This was the first book Squirt could read pretty much unassisted. So it goes into the hall of fame at our house. Also, the back cover always makes me chuckle. Books with attitude! 

Now this one! This one is enjoyable to read, as an adult. Add that to the stunning pictures, (all done with dolls and photographed in elaborate scenes) and we have one fantastic read. There is also some fun "behind the scenes" photos on the back jacket flap. Since reading this the kids have started calling their microwave oatmeal breakfasts "porridge." They eat it faster when they get to make believe it is porridge, which! whatever! I will take it. 

This story is a delightful tale about wanderers who get a whole town to come together over food. The lesson of community and working together is extra nice. The kids insisted we read, then reread Fandango Stew. I developed a pretty charming cowboy accent. Fun was had by all. The kids also requested we make chili for dinner, which was extra pleasing. 

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