I should contribute

These are the days which I wish I had more energy and motivation to write. I wish I had more of a talent with writing. Talking! I am good at talking! (in just the right scenario)

It's just that I am in between books right now and miss the nightly routine of turning the lovely library-smelling pages of a book. So I turn to my neglected Reader and catch up on blogs. Then I feel bad for not "contributing."

Tonight I am dog tired after a really stressful and demanding day. Highlights:

- being perpetually late for EVERYTHING. And thus making questionable driving choices.

- dental appointment/procedure for the most anxiety prone of all my children. Pls I have a long standing dentist-phobia myself. It hurt me more than her.

- The Husband didn't arrive home until 9:45. So I have been solo parenting entirely too much today.

- The one kid of the group who really had no reason to complain had All The Meltdowns. I was not having loving feelings towards her for a while there. (Don't worry, now that she's asleep, I love her fiercely once more)

- I cannot physically keep my eyes open any longer.

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