American Women

My husband has the opportunity to work with quite the cast of characters. One of these being an older British woman. Let me share a little conversation had between these two. (and I may be paraphrasing here- especially with my liberal use of the word "crap")

Husband: So, Valentines Day? Crap holiday, huh?

Older British Lady: Oh the bloody worst. My husband and I been married [enter a large sum of years here] and we never did anything special. We love each other every day of the year.

-- sidebar: here is the point in which you think Older British Lady is giving sage advice--

Husband: Well, my wife was trying to be sweet and made me breakfast this morning.

--secondary sidebar: he neglects to mention I made PINK PANCAKES. I think I should get mad props for being so festive... and waking up early to do so--

Older British Lady: (harumph) This morning?! I made my husband breakfast *every* morning... *American* women...

I really want to meet this woman.


  1. meet her and punch her in the face! lol sheesh!! I was the mom at plagroup this week who brought ring pops and didn't make homemade valentines- guess what the kids wanted??? AMERICAN WOMEN ROCK!

  2. I've heard the "we love each other EVERYDAY of the year" too.. I like to say, well it's nice to love each other every day of the year (cause I don't.. props to those who do lol) but it IS nice to have your spouse do nice things without prompting for one day out of the year. My husband surprised me with chocolate covered strawberries, mini strawberry shortcakes and strawberry daiquiris (think he was going for red here ha). It's nice to see his romantic side come out especially when we're crazy busy most days and don't get to share that side of ourselves very often. Yes, it's "important" to show it everyday.. blah blah.. sometimes life gets in the way and valentine's day is THE day to show it ;)