The Demise

Y'all, I am in a really dark place right now. This morning The Husband told me a little story that was supposed to be amusing. I blank stared him, then informed him that all the happiness and joy had been drained from the world. I am semi-upset with him for not joining me in intense mourning.

What happened, you might ask?

It started on Sunday when after putting everyone down for naps (as per our routine!) Little Man spent the entire time singing, talking to himself, jumping on his bed, generally not napping. We got everyone up early and considered it a fluke. These things happen.

Yesterday, the same thing happened. All I heard over the monitor was the sound of toys crashing together and the stomp stomping of little feet.

The realization of what is happening keeps hitting me in waves. Naps are dead. I will have Little Man hanging off of me, demanding pretzels and goldfish crackers from dawn until dusk. The thought of this squashes my will to go on. My Twitter account illustrated this point:

We have been exceedingly lucky with the twins. They are tiny, and require a lot of sleep. After Kindergarten they eat lunch and go down for a nearly 3 hr nap. (some of that time is spent in super quiet book reading or stuffed animal playing, but there is still a large component of sleep.

Little Man is just so different. At three he seems to have boundless energy. I took him to the park yesterday to help wear him out in preparation for naps. It didn't work. And even by the evening, he was not any more cranky or fatigued. (Squirt was yawning by 6:00) He just doesn't need all the sleep.

So... what now?

When do I get to fold the laundry, stacking the piles in organized columns without a 3 year old knocking them over with his crane? When do I get to watch my Teen Mom and Downton Abbey? I require that interlude in the middle of the day! I am quite positive it is the only thing that keeps me sane!

I will admit there were times when it seemed naps held me back. I was chained to the house every afternoon between 1 and 4. There were times in which that was inconvenient. The thought of being able to run here or there on a whim was appealing; To have more time for homework. Now that I am staring down this reality? Scares me to the core.

It isn't so much the girls not napping that is the problem. It is Little Man. He has a couple years left before even preschool! His presence will be unrelenting. While he is sweet and I love him, he is also demanding, fickle, and prone to temper tantrums.

I know I need to get over this loss. I'm sure I will find some way to make it work. Perhaps quarantining him to his room for just an hour or so in the afternoon? Allowed to play, but not leave the confines of his bedroom? We shall see.

This might require a heavy dose of cake to get me out of the melancholy.

Someone send cake.


  1. Oh, yes, we have Quiet Time at my house, or I WOULD NOT MAKE IT THROUGH THE DAY! When they are Little Man's age, I tell them that they may either lie down and take a nap or play quietly in their room until I come to get them. That way they feel like they're getting this amazing CHOICE! Ahem. And there may be some bribery involved too, if they are reluctant to stay in there room (pick a movie after quiet time, make cookies after quiet time, etc.).

  2. My eldest stopped napping in the day when she turned ONE! As "Doing my best"said "quiet time" is a good way to preserve sanity.