Kid Party

Guys, I want to write about the girl's birthday party. I really do! I'm just firmly entrenched in a patch of writer's block. Less than halfway through writing, I get bored of myself. SO THAT'S AWESOME- I am bored with myself. My apologies to you dear people.

Here are some headlines and what little pictures I have of the event:

- My Mom Cricut-ed about a zillion snowflakes and made the house into a magical winter wonderland.

- The morning of the party, at 4am, Little Man started projectile vomiting uncontrollably.

- This is just how my life goes. Urgent Care visits, and scrubbing my puke-filled rug ten minutes before the party.

- Almost everyone invited actually showed up. I was not prepared for EVERYONE. Ten kids. I needed many many Xanax doses afterwards.

- The girls had fun. I think. They were really overwhelmed by everything. Plus they may have been in early stages of The Stomach Bug of Death. So there's that.

- I am never doing that again.

Now! Pictures!


  1. it was an adorable party! you did good- and yep thats the story of life!!!