This is me

Around the age of 13, I made a pact with myself. That I would put on at least mascara every morning before heading off to the bus stop. I made a conscious decision to ensure that the lasting image my classmates had of me was not the bare-faced child of my youth. It was one of the first steps towards adulthood. I was strict about it. Even when I pushed the snooze button a few too many times and had to rush to wherever I was supposed to be, I had a minimum makeup requirement.

Since having children, my standards have had to bend. Flexibility! Seems to be the siren song of new parenthood. But it always felt like a phase. I knew I would not be spit-up soaked for eternity. And even then I usually still had makeup on. Most certainly in public situations.

Now I am in a much different stage in life. I walk MY kids to the bus stop each morning at 8:30. In those first few days I was meticulous in looking semi-together. Like Grocery Store Casual. (ie yoga pants, hoodie, hair in a tight bun, eyeliner and mascara.

However keeping up that regimen while getting three kids prepped and out the door became an impossible feat. I started leaving the house in full-on pajamas. But I was wracked with shame. I felt practically naked, and my self esteem seemed to plummet without the crutch of a bra and some makeup. (No worries- I have made it an official rule that I must at least have a bra at the bus stop)

But the makeup? I've moved passed those insecurities. This is who I am, the core of who I am. Without hiding behind the foundation, eyeliner, mascara, and even without the large sunglasses in case I have to forgo all of the above. I'm learning to find the beauty in my own bare-faced self.

Just shy of two decades later, I am at a bus stop without the "beauty" crutches, and I still feel beautiful. It isn't Hollywood beauty. It is simply a modicum of confidence that I hope to nurture.


  1. You don't need the crutches! You ARE beautiful! I hope you are able to let your confidence grow, because it is well-founded =)!

  2. Awesome! Embracing the bare face is so empowering, isn't it? : )

  3. Absolutely Lovely! I've never been a big make-up wearer (core laziness mixed with the thrill of the wow factor when actually putting it on), but moving to the UK has really made me feel more comfortable with a bare face. Aside from going out, people don't wear as much make up over here and its normal to be bare faced during the week wherever you go. It truly is empowering. It makes me happy to see you happy!