His Favorite Things: 2-3 yrs

Too many times have I purchased some new toy with great anticipation for the hours of quiet play it will (assumably) afford me, only to find that to Little Man, I have given him the most boring toy ever. I have been lucky with a few of my purchases, however! These are a few of his favorite things, so I dub them "Gifts for the Boy 2-3 Set."

I love the entire Green Toys collection. We have the fire truck, the dump truck, the recycling truck, and a bunch more. (it makes my heart leap for joy when they came out with the pink dump truck- swoon!) Everything is made of plastic, so playing with them in water doesn't lead to rust, and they are easy to toss into the dishwasher when they get excessively sticky and dirty.

Those little Hot Wheels cars are a big hit in our house. They are also like socks, I buy a pack of five, and somehow three disappear leaving only two to be found at all times.  I saw this "car wallet" on Pinterest and it was an instant BUY! I could not be more pleased with Little Man's reaction; "It's car's home!" I can stuff it with a few little papers, as well as four cars, and it goes neatly in my wallet to entertain-on-the-go. Best buy of my year, I tell you! 

The Husband plays bowling on the Wii with the kids whenever he's at a loss for an activity. I like this because he can take charge (he hones his own score as well) and I can pop upstairs for some quiet time of my own. When The Husband is not around, I whip out this Little Tykes bowling set and let them have at it in the hallway. It is Little Man's favorite activity, and the only downside to this is that he does not like to share. 

Duplos! Duplos! Duplos! An obvious staple of any kidcentric home. (do not be fooled by the impostor Mega Blocks- those things suck bigtime) I started off our collection with the big zoo set, and have added to it little by little. I think the animals are Little Man's favorite pieces, the older girls enjoy actually building stuff with the blocks. Yes, they do hurt when I step on them barefoot, (which is all the time) but they are such a great quiet time activity I keep them around. Did I tell you my parents still have a big bin of Duplos from when I was a kid? They would bring them out whenever we had little kids visiting. Saved us all. I will be keeping my own Duplos box for this very purpose long after my kids have grown. 

What are some other good boy toys you could recommend for me? Holidays are APPROACHING! 

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