Early Christmas Stocking

A while ago I purchased some pattern blocks for the kids. Mostly influenced by the prestigious writers of Style Lush, who assured me the kids would go bonkers for them, and hi! Summer Activity!

I went for the plastic set instead of wood because both the baby and the dogs have been known to nosh away on anything made of wood. Many a toy mixing spoon has met its untimely and splintery death in this very way.

The set arrived... at some point and I stashed it away for an "emergency," then promptly forgot about them until the other week. I popped that tub out and proclaimed "we have a NEW ACTIVITY, kids!" Feeling a bit overly proud of myself for being educationally fun Mom. Apparently the girls had some experience with pattern blocks from preschool because they quickly demanded the "papers, too."

Through a large amount of interpretation, I finally figured out they meant these. Pattern CARDS. The girls were wholly uninterested in using their imagination, no matter how many psychedelic flowers I made out of the little shapes. So I bent to the pressure and ordered up the cards.

HOWEVER! The cards are only $5! And, as any Amazon devotee knows, you must spend $25 to get free shipping. I do not pay for shipping- refuse is more the emotion; I have a negative, guttural reaction to paying for shipping. Yes, I am both spoiled and cheap. If I were to be a little introspective, it might be found as odd to be so vehemently against paying for shipping, as our entire livelihood is based on The Husband's job at a major shipping company, heh.

To get back on-topic; I had to hunt around for some random miscellanea costing roundabouts of $20. Time to think ahead to Christmas!

For Little Man I found a large assortment of plastic dinosaurs. For some reason when I envision a little boy, I always see him with a toy car under one arm and a big plastic T-Rex under the other. My baby is lacking in the T-Rex department- a problem which must be speedily remedied.

For the twins, well let me tell you, I am PSYCHED for this particular purchase. Perhaps I am expecting too much, but it looks so freaking AWESOME and FUN. Behold, Honey Bee Tree:

The object of the game is loosely based on Jenga, you pull out the leafy sticks and hope it does not enrage the bees to fall from their hive. Maybe that explanation was a little... intense. There will be no angry bee swarms. It just sounds like the perfect came for their age-range. Bonus points: Honey Bee Tree might be less eye-stabby for The Husband and I to be involved with. (ahem, CANDY LAND! I'm even looking at you, CHUTES & LADDERS)

Voila! Free shipping! 

Have you started your holiday shopping yet? Do you stash toys away in closets year round like I do? 

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