A Year in a Week

Is it really only Thursday? Because it feels like it is 2014 to me. Every day has been a marathon. While not entirely unpleasant, falling into a new routine has been ultra exhausting.

I am very much loving Kindergarten. Mostly for the relative/yet not guaranteed quiet time. I enjoy that class starts in the morning, and immediately upon return from school it is quick lunch then naptime. It's a great routine. So far this week? I have scrubbed the shower, a deep-clean vacuuming, re organized my closet and parts of my kitchen, done a million loads of laundry, (washed and folded!) and it feels like I have come out of a coma. Like I am a totally new person! I have some semblance of downtime! The looming list of "things I need to do" is getting shorter and does not seem to be following me around near as much. This bodes well for my tenuous mental status.

There have been some hiccups to this perfect bliss of Kindergarten. (like an ongoing spider invasion) I am new to having just one child on a consistent basis. On one hand I want to give all you ladies props for surviving having one clingy child who relies solely on YOU for entertainment. (the twins were much less demanding of my undivided attention) On the other hand, I often find myself thinking what a piece of cake one kid is, which I know is super condescending... but still.

I'm sure it will be a post in the near future: How The Twins are Adjusting to Kindergarten. I have THOUGHTS, and THEORIES. I would like to know what your automatic reactions are to sending 5 year olds on a bus to school- I would obviously walk to the bus stop and wait with them, and there is a teacher aide that will be waiting for them at school, but my Mom gave me this horrified look when I told her I was considering The Bus. So I think I need some outside opinions. The girls are obsessed with riding the bus, and it would be easier avoiding the drop-off traffic madness. (GREED!)

Overall, I am quite pleased with how new-school-life is shaping up to be. I may just make it through this parenting business after all.


  1. Oh I would totally do the Bus! Cayden got to take a bus for a while to Preschool last year and he STILL talks about it! He also seemed to love the independence of being on a bus by himself granted he was almost 4 at the time.. But still.. If our elementary wasn't literally down the street from us I'd opt for the Bus too. I HATE the madness that will probably happen and you have it times 2!! Traffic/madness/frustration and I don't mix.

  2. I have done the bus thing and the transportation department in the district is IMPOSSIBLE. That being said if it is only to school. I don't think that is an issue and if it is home from school as long as they know not to get off without you there (so they don't get off at the wrong stop) I have one in Kindergarten too and I wish I could say I was getting more done around the house...but I'm not...

  3. I KNOW that having one kid is a piece of cake. Which is why I'm somewhat terrified of adding a second one :)

    1. I'm trying to think of something encouraging AND true to say to you. And I'm coming up blank! The first year is the easiest I'd say? Once the second turns two you have to stick it out until... I'm guessing around 4? Four was a good age for the girls. I am hoping it all gets easier when the youngest is 4.