Mornings Without Pajamas

We've had a morning routine for two weeks now, and it is going swimmingly. I decided (after plenty of hand-wringing) to let the twins ride the bus to school. There is no morning bus drop off, so I see this as a perfect balance of parenting. I avoid the worst of the traffic/parking issues of the morning drop-off at school, and only having to endure the mild crowds of pick-up. Plus I get to arrive on the scene armed with a delicious snack as I buckle them for our super-short homebound drive. (Snack-Mom is always quite popular, Actual-Meal-Mom? Not so much)

My only complaint? (and it's a real eye-roller) I cannot schlep my kids to the bus stop in pajamas. I have to PUT ON A BRA before 8:30 am. (the suffering!) I have to brush my hair! (I forgo the makeup and opt instead for really big, dark sunglasses- hungover celebrity style) These outfits I cobble together in the wee hours of a hurried morning are often... pretty crappy. Usually the combo doesn't even match. Today I am wearing grey yoga capris and an ill fitting, thread bare t-shirt. (Do not forget, I am at least wearing a bra) I may look like a homeless drifter hanging out at the children's bus stop. Lovely.

Perhaps the most irksome part of this predicament is that I fool myself into thinking that I might workout at some point in the day, so I don't want/cannot function that early enough to get too "dressed up." So when I come back from the bus stop, drenched in sweat from the searing five minute walk, and am more clear headed and can start to form a schedule for the day, I realize this involves "dressing up" again. (from pajamas, to homeless troll, to... jeans and a less-worn-out t-shirt; evolution!) That is at least one more wardrobe change per day than I am comfortable with. The solution to this involves either (a) waking up earlier in order to have enough time to become coherent and reasonable, or (b) magically transform into a morning person who jumps out of bed on a daily basis, energized and ready to start a new day. Both options are just as unlikely.

On other fronts!

Little Man has mixed feelings about his sister-free time. He is overjoyed at having all the toys to himself, and being the sole deciding vote on whether we watch an episode of Curious George or Bubble Guppies. However, he feels that this time would be better spent making me his slave. He demands a steady stream of juice, and unlimited access to his favorite app, "Monster Game" .

Behold the brain cells melting:

I would like to believe that when the life-sucking heat abates, I will take him to the park during these times to allow him to run it out. That would seem like the better course of action. (as opposed the current norm of allowing him unlimited screen time to keep him occupied while I do things) 

Realistically? I am a Slacker Mom. 


  1. SO not a slacker mom!! Unlimited screen time is necessary! It makes them TRULY appreciate school, when it happens. Right? That's what I'm going to keep telling myself. Love ya, love this post! :)

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