Quick Questions

Something that has run across my thoughts lately: "Holy cats my kids are growing up much too quickly! Am I absorbing this enough? Am I relishing this time with them?" (no, obviously- especially when I did a touch-down dance after putting the last child to bed last night and closing the door; got through yet another day! Woo!)

In a concerted effort to be the kind of Mom I can brag about to others, I pulled each of the twins aside privately and snuggled them. We talked. Well, mostly I asked them random "get to know you" questions and they kind of shrugged at me while giving off-hand answers. Obviously snuggling and talking about themselves at length is not something we usually do. (Mostly I yell and placate with television)

While this may be of no consequence to some, this is the kind of thing I feel like I should be chronicling. (maybe even scrapbooking)


What is your favorite food? Bananas!

What is your favorite color? Yellow! (related to bananas? who knows!)

What is your favorite animal? Zebra (pronounced "zweebra")


What is your favorite food? Mac and Cheese with peas ontop!

What is your favorite color? Yellow, dark green, and purple!

What is your favorite animal? Lion (first it was zebra, until informed that was her sister's answer)

In other statistical nonsense, we weighed all three kids. The numbers are utter ridiculousness.

Bunny: 34 lbs.
Squirt: 32 lbs.
Little Man 30 lbs.

There are TWO POUNDS separating the smallest five year old from my chunky two year old.


(drops the mic and walks offstage)


  1. :) I know that feeling I played jump over the blanket with hailyn last night felt like mom of the year- haha- what sweet answers!!

  2. Boys are HUGE compared to girls! haha you'll probably get asked if your little guy is older than he is because of it.. my boys do all the time..