Using Household Maintenance To Get Out Of Parenting

Summer is kicking me in the sensitive lady bits.

To get out of another day of parenting, feeding, laundering, and dish-doing... I gave The Husband an ultimatum: either re-caulk the shower or take care of the kids for the entire afternoon/evening.

Guess what he chose?

He is no dummy.

He may have figured out that I was really begging for a break. Or maybe he is just THAT afraid of doing activities that involve a trip to The Home Depot. Either way, I got what I thought I wanted. As soon as the kids came downstairs from a rather lengthy nap, (trying to discredit my claims of nap shortening) I grabbed my ipod, headphones, silicone bathroom caulk, caulk gun, and razorblade, then headed upstairs- excited to a) not have to constantly discipline until bedtime and b) get something worthwhile accomplished. (even the slightest hint of mold in the shower makes my skin crawl, I don't know how those "before" bathrooms in the Kaboom! commercials manage to get to that point)

You guys: re-caulking a shower is hard.

The previous caulk was less caulk and more like super adhesive/crumbly glue which refused to yield to my razorblade. And while I was cursing the talentless plumber who installed this enclosure with sub-par caulking, I found out that getting caulk to go all smooth and water-resistant-like was impossible.

By the end of it I had sore hands, (Arthritis! You jerkface!) a dirty shower, and below average caulking on most of the edges. Not only that? But because I had thrown my hands up in surrender, (doing a crap job on the whole thing) I came downstairs defeated in under an hour. It was 5:00. Three more hours to endure before bedtime.

FAIL. (on all fronts)

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  1. BAH!!!! glutton for punishment- but WHY?!!! It's like when the kids slept in when I had to leave for the DMV early- REALLY? Thanks for discrediting me...ugh- I say kudos to you for recaluking- Iast time I did it- well I ended up using my hands and not the dang tube to spread it evenly- it was much better 24 hours later- but you can't get it wet for 24 hours- what the heck? LET"S PLAY THIS WEEK!! mommy sanity break!! wed?