The Free Zoo

... or how you should not, in any way, be envious of our summer.

Lately Little Man is being (how do I say this nicely?) a handful. With extra hands. I keep reminding myself that he is TWO, and acting exactly how a two year old should act, but this does not seem to help the situation. He is throwing himself into gigantic crying jags, insisting every toy is his own personal property, and just generally being unpleasant.

Until when he stops being so vile, (usually after a healthy dose of Motrin- most likely teething related) then he is a complete and utter doll and WE WILL KEEP HIM. (and go buy a few more bottles of baby Motrin)

With his new molars coming in, we've noticed he's been growing on other fronts as well... as in completely out of his carseat:

So we bought him a new one: 

His first words were "I love it! I do!"

Within a day he learned how to unbuckle himself. I was in the middle of a busy freeway at the time... so THAT was fun. There was a phone conversation with The Husband that went something like "Little Man is unrestrained in the back and I have no way to get off this highway!" and his reply was "Well, then don't get into an accident!" 

Gee, thanks.

The summer has been pretty taxing on a whole. Especially as Little Man (again with the antics!) has decided naptime is far too long for his liking, making the days seem very LOOOOOONG. 

So when the dogs need more kibble, I get a bit excited at the prospect of taking the hooligans to "the free zoo," also known as the pet store. It's lame, I know. But THEY don't know that yet.

Let's call it Lazy Summer Parenting; and we're all entitled to some.

Plus the Free Zoo is gloriously air conditioned...


  1. Oh, my goodness they are so cute. And, I am sure a handful, but so cute.

  2. The free zoo? LOL, that's awesome!

  3. The "free zoo" still works at 7. Trust me. :)

  4. We have been going to the free zoo for years. Jake still can't get enough of it.