Their Father

I've already written about my Dad on Father's Day. I'd like to take a couple key strokes to acknowledge another big guy in our lives, my kids' Dad. (The Husband)

I took this picture of him while we were dating (so obviously dinosaurs still roamed the earth, we managed to shoo them from the background) and it is by far, my most favorite shot of him ever.

My girls get half their DNA from him. But more than half of his looks. The twins only look vaguely like me. No, they are their father's daughters:

Squirt on the left, Bunny on the right if you're new around here. 

As a man, he is lovely. As a husband, he is... working on it. As a dad, he is AWESOME. He is never too tired at the end of a long day to give his kids all the attention they could ever want. Each child asks where he is every morning, most days the answer is "at work" and some very special days he is just down the hall or "making breakfast downstairs." (always Cinnamon-less French Toast) 

He will (and does) do anything for his family.

Let's put it this way: I had to convince him to get a dog. In order to persuade him to agree to a canine companion, I promised to do all the maintenance involved- like baths. (in retrospect, this was silly... and incredibly stupid of me) I am STILL the only one who bathes the dogs. But babies? When I found out I was pregnant (both times) I always go to panic, pale faced, craziness. The Husband? A huge smile just floats across his face and he is ON BOARD. Shopping for baby gear? ON BOARD. Changing diapers? ON BOARD. He would give me a weekend break from infant night wakeups AND let me sleep alone without having to hear the baby waking at 2am.

That is dedication, people. Those three little ones are his pride and joy:

My kids are so lucky.

To celebrate this day, I will be loading The Husband's plate full of chocolate chip brownies. Happy Father's Day!