Pinterest Weirdness

There are a few things I find "off" about Pinterest.

1) People who pin something and do not use the exact address, but merely the homepage for the entire blog, thus making a specific pin impossible to find.

2) The photos used! People! TAKE BETTER PICTURES! Your casserole looks like crap, and that may just be because you did not use proper lighting. But still- craaaaaap.

3) The random stuff people repin. I give you an example. I pinned this mostly because it is the website for a little salvage shop in San Diego that I positively adore. Yet I always misplace their business card/address when I'm in the area. So I pinned it thinking it would be an easy way to find it when needed:

It is just a picture of some old windows leaned up against a wall. And it is quite possibly the most "repinned" item of all my boards. IT BAFFLES ME THAT PEOPLE REPIN THIS.


The link just leads to the website of this small shop that sells salvaged architectural details from old buildings. (called Architectural Salvage, in fact) They don't even sell stuff online! So there is no real purpose to visit the website. Unless you are located in San Diego and want to know where to purchase yourself some awesome old windows.

My best guess is that some people think it's just a really cool photo? And they pin it because... ?

Some people (randoms who I do not personally know) have commented and said things like:

This looks like the corner of my craft room. Now I just need time to work on them! :)
WHAT? I suppose I am jealous your craft room is piled full of cool old windows. That sounds like one awesome craft room, Jennifer.

So yes. If you are new to Pinterest (new to computers also?) I suggest you read some Pinterest etiquette/common sense before you start rampantly pinning ridiculousness.

Thank you.


  1. I would wager they are repinning that one to look cool--salvaging and repurposing are the things to do now, you know? : )

    The thing that drives me batty is the pins that link back to a random image, not even a website. Check your links, people!

  2. I won't even go into the whole pinterest repin thing... people are bizzare.

    I WILL say that we have been going to that store for years. When we lived down there, we may have singlehandedly kept them in business for awhile. Haha!