Trashy Toilet Talk

Now that we (well, the twins) are firmly potty trained, the next step seems to be constant washroom maintenance. There are plenty of times I walk into any of the three bathrooms and find the toilet hasn't been flushed, (good thing we don't often have guests!), the counter sink is splashed with water, the towel is usually on the floor, and there is some dried pee on some part of the commode. Really, it's gross. I have had to step up my bathroom cleaning hours. Even then, it is often not enough.

This got me to thinking; I have a little boy coming up on potty-training-age.


If it is this bad with girls... what could possibly be in the future? I am SO SCARED. 

I broached the topic with The Husband.

Me: Do you think we could get away with NOT teaching Little Man to pee standing up?

Husband: Eventually he'll figure it out.

Me: But! No! How could we keep his pee contained?

Husband: He'll learn.

Me: What if we made it like a religious issue!

Husband: ?!

Me: Like "Only infidels pee standing up!"

Husband: (shaking head dejectedly)

Me: Or "Satan doesn't want you to sit!"

Husband: You're out of control.


  1. I had a boy first. I only let him sit on the toilet. He has gone sitting down the past almost 2 years. He just barely started going standing up (and that is because my hubby let him go in a urinal in a public restroom). He potty trained right at the age of 2.
    Just make sitting down the normal for him and he wont question it. Hope it goes well. I have to train my little girl now.

  2. We will be potty training this summer (I am NOT having two kids in diapers if I can help it), and I am terrified. Good luck!