One Week of Schedule

Note to self for next January: start scheduling the summer activities!

I did not even start thinking about the summer activities until May. It was somehow impossible for my mind to comprehend the end of preschool... and having all three at home full time. By the time I was ready to start planning out the summer, it was too late; All the classes were booked.

I suppose this is just a lesson you learn as your kids get older. Much like having to order the good halloween costumes in August, one I learned the hard way in 2008.

Luckily, I got a little email a month ago from a friend announcing that she would be teaching swimming lessons. My little heart beat a bit faster at the idea of a summer schedule! I was kind of let-down as I read on that she was offering week long sessions, and they were only a half hour in length. (upside? CHEAP!)

Well! Something is better than nothing!

Since they were only half an hour, this not any reasonable time to get around and do much of anything, and this friend's new home is ten minutes away from our new home... I chickened out and just signed up for one week; Figuring I could add another week if we liked the routine.

Jury is out: The girls LOVE swimming lessons. We are not, however, big fans of the routine. Little Man does not enjoy sitting on the sidelines watching the twins have all the fun. (there is much bribery with lollipops involved) The class is late-morning, so we kind of wait around watching some Sesame Street over breakfast, then hurryhurryhurry to class! Back home! Eat lunch! Off to naps!

Keeping this pace up every day this week has been totally wearing on me. I have no time in the morning to run errands (we are in desperate need of a Sam's Club run, for stuff like toilet paper!) and am so wiped after naps to do anything more than laze around the house or haul everyone over to Grandma's pool. (she even feeds us- score) Yes, swimming twice in one day: I am the laziest woman on the planet, and I hope we all don't get skin cancer either from the sun or all the sunscreen.

But hot darned, look at these beautiful little fishies:

I won't even mention the fact that I am too type A to let the girls go to lessons in non-washed swimsuits.... yes, I am washing the swimsuits after each use. Do not call the green police on me, please.

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  1. Love the swimming pictures! They look like they are doing great. Midmorning commitments are hard, especially with little kids that insist on getting up early!

    (I'm a little embarrassed to admit that I only wash our swim suits when they are noticeably dirty!)