Just a Tease

So some of you may know my serious quandary with Halloween. It should be super-fun! But no, not this year. I was scouring the internets and stores for the perfect costume... in early October. Apparently that's just too late. Thankfully, Mom brought back costumes from Spain. Yes, you read that right, Spain! How cool! The girls will be Flamenco dancers! There are pictures, but I'm withholding them until Halloween.

...and on the list of the bummers of this year's Halloween. The girls are too small! I'm not giving them candy, and my thighs don't need the candy either. So I don't really want to go trick-or-treating.
Plus, the girls go to bed around 7- 7:30. So I've got to be the mean one on the block to put up a massive sign that trick-or-treaters are banned from the premesis (my dogs bark, and wake the kids up). But at least there will be a pumpkin carving and chili party coming up.


  1. so put a bowl of treats out with your massive sign; nobody will hate you, and i guarantee that all your candy will be gone, lol! and the girls don't know about trick or treating yet, so they won't miss it. have fun at your parties! (ps i have a great chili recipe if you need one :))

  2. oh, that was me, liz, not john, the hubby, aka eyepoke.

  3. ...ok maybe I am mean. I'm not sticking a bowl of free candy out there! I'm not bribing kids with candy so they leave me alone! I'm getting a big sign to do it for free! LOL

  4. not bribing kids with candy...have you met halloween? (so to speak)