Since the twins were toddlers, we've played a game with them called "secrets." We would just whisper something in their ear and it would make them giggle. Usually it was just silly stuff like "I love you," or "I think Daddy has a mess on his chin."

As the girls started to talk more, the word "secrets" evolved into "sweecrets." (which makes me giggle) It also evolved into a little game of manipulation. I blame The Husband for this. I think it started when he whispered "I think we should get lunch... at Cici's." They would grin, then clamor for Cici's. (I do not care for all the Cici's) Now the sweecrets have become more elaborate; mostly just involving Grandma and Papa. In the middle of something like dinner, the girls will announce they have sweecrets for Grandma and scurry over to "tell" Grandma something like "we should watch [enter the most annoying tv show ever]" or "I think we should eat jelly beans for berzert." (dessert)

My favorite version of sweecrets, by far, is Little Man's variation. He gets in sooooo close and whispers sweet toddler nonsense, sometimes I have to swab my ear out from all the sweet toddler spit, but I do not mind. It is hilarious and adorable... and I have been known to ask for sweecrets every afternoon right after naps.

Note: I would have a lovely little picture of the kids here, except they've gone on strike, and negotiating with this union is dang near impossible.

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