Just Pick A Bed Already

You may be preparing yourselves for me to drone on incessantly about child-related-sleep-issues.

But nay! In fact the only upside to sick children is usually the uptick in sleeping hours. In this particular case, I had a row of days in which I slept in until NINE O'CLOCK. I have not slept in that long in... five years.

So the problem.

Our new master bedroom is a very odd shape, kind of shallow and elongated. To put it shortly, our old sleigh bed did not fit into the room with all the other furniture we deemed necessary. (mostly just the armoire) So we had to leave the old bed in the garage and put our mattress up on blocks until we find a solution:

(be merciful, it was laundry day, so I just threw the quilt a top a bare mattress)

I am quite flummoxed as to what to do about the situation. I plan to keep the light wood/wicker pieces, but the bed itself? I am ready for a king. I love The Husband, but he is a flopping fish when he's asleep. I know he's had a good night's rest when he keeps me awake all night tossing from side to side; Sometimes kneeing me in the gut.

I would buy a new, HUGER, mattress right now... except that I'm not going to do that until... we buy a ton of other stuff first. I'm not sure when "mattress buying" is going to appear on the list of priorities, but I do hope it is soon.

In any instance, I shouldn't put too much investment into a new bed frame; Which is the main hampering agent to me finding a suitable new bed. That and I don't want yet another wood to clash with the wood furniture, the wood floors, the wood in the bathroom cabinetry, etc. So wood is out. My Mother talked me out of metal. (You do not want to hear about your parent's creaky brass bed when "a Mommy and Daddy love each other" That's the stuff of nightmares)

I had, previous to that eternally scarring conversation, decided on The Claudia Bed from Pottery Barn:

I especially love the pretty crystal finials.

But no. No metal (shudder)

Here is a budget friendly idea:

I don't know how I feel about the leather. It's better than regular upholstery.

I rather like this bed for no discernible reason. Despite the terrible photo and staging done by the people selling it:

Perhaps going on the safe side with a traditional white option?

Do you have any bed-related thoughts?


  1. ohhhh I do!!! Sell the sligh bed WAIT WAIT WAIT and then get the king and a cool bed frame for that- just my two cents- we dont have a bed frame for our king- and we are ok with it actually holding out for the bedroom set we hope to buy someday...

  2. I have the Claudia...for my guestroom...I just bought the headboard and it was much more affordable.

  3. I have the Claudia...for my guestroom...I just bought the headboard and it was much more affordable.