The New Digs: Sanctuary

Now that our babies are all sleeping quietly in their own rooms- and NOT napping in my closet! I was determined to make the master bedroom into my own personal sanctuary space. It is serene, quiet, and most of all, 100% kid free. I often find that I send myself into time out in my room.

I love my mismatched furniture. I wasn't a fan of the headboard that came with the lighter wood set. I really liked the dark sleigh bed. And look! They both have brushed nickel accents. (It's my lame attempted at tying the furniture together)

I have been impatiently waiting for that ancient TV to give it up already! (The Husband made me promise I would refrain from taking a hammer to it) I just can't seem to chuck the perfectly functioning TV I bought at a drugstore for a c-note in college. It INSISTS on working just fine! I am BEGGING for a nice wall mount flat screen.

The view from the bed. My favorite little IKEA prints. The colors are so crisp yet relaxing. Even though they are "supposed" to be for the kitchen. 

More IKEA art. Along with a little family portrait taken when the girls were six months old. And as you can see, my button collection is coming along- quite slowly. 

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