Curls That Slay Me

The day has finally arrived- the day that Little Man got a haircut. It simply had to happen. His hair was growing so long and becoming so heavy that it was unable to keep the corkscrew curls and just flopped limply around on his head. It was getting pathetic.

So first haircut, then: 

He only demands lollipops for his complete cooperation. This next look screams "there had better be a lollipop in my future":

Lollipop procured, life can be as rosy and sunshiney as ever.

Those juicy curls just leave me in a puddle of gooey sappiness.

I told him over and over just how handsome he was with his new 'do. He agreed heartily, and asked for lunch. 


  1. ahhhh handsome dude!!!those CURLS!!! ahhh!!! so cute!!

  2. OH MY WORD!! That haircut is just PRECIOUS! He looks so handsome. Those CURLS!!!! Adorable! You seriously have beautiful kids!

  3. I seriously think he is the cutest little guy I've ever seen!!! He should be a model. And of course I'm completely objective lol.